Church History

     Welcome to Lutheran Church of the Cross (LCC) in Arcadia, California. Here is a brief history of where our church came from. In the early 20th century, migrants from Midwest of United States influxed to Southern California for opportunities or for better weather in this golden state, Lutheran missionaries served people on their move. In the year of 1938 American Lutheran Church was established in Arcadia. Then in 1958, Shepherd of the Hills was founded in this area. In 1968, the visionary leaders of both churches decided to merge together to have today’s Lutheran Church of the Cross at the present location. Then LCC joined the newly founded Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) in 1988.
     Unfortunately, the top hierarchy of the ELCA gradually lost their faith in the Bible and began to follow political correctness instead of Jesus. The theological conflict over LCC spiritual direction became more intensified. Finally the over two thirds majority of our church members decided to disaffiliate the ELCA and to join a true spiritual Lutheran body, Lutheran Congregation in Mission for Christ, (LCMC), with an overwhelming majority vote February 17, 2019. Now LCC is on its right track to grow according to the biblical truth. Inevitably, theological conflicts would hurt the church.
     Our current pastors are Reverend Charlie Wang and Reverend Greg Swift who are serving as a continuing succession of 14 and 15 pastors since 1938. Both Pastors believe that Lutheranism once successfully transformed the immigrants from Europe and the Midwest to be middle class Lutheran Christians, and now continues to embrace Asian immigrants into our church family. Our pioneering ministry is to assimilate the first generation immigrants into an English speaking congregation.
     Our present church was built in 1965 and the Educational Building was added in 1976. This addition has allowed us to accommodate Starkids Preschool and Little Stanford Academy, a tutoring after school program. Also we are sharing our faculties with our neighboring Arcadia Chinese Baptist Church.
     After storms and through healing, now LCC is ready to welcome you as our fellow Christians and co-workers, and to revive in spirituality, in size and in service. We all are called to discipleship, and to experience God‘s love and richness.



     非常欢迎您来到地处加州亚凯迪亚市的信义会十架堂LCC。以下简短的历史回顾能让你了解我们教会从何发展而来。20世纪初期,为了寻找更多的机会和良好的气候,从美国中西部有大量的移民来到南加州。信义会的宣教士跟随着移民,一路上传扬福音和建立教会。1938年一个信义教会在亚凯迪亚市建立了。1958年,另外一个新教会也成立了。到了1968年,这两个教会中有远见的领袖们就合作和合并成了今天我们的教会。 在1988年我们教会加入了新成立的美国福音信义总会, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) 。
     不幸的是近几年来ELCA 的上层领导放弃了圣经的真理,去追随社会上的政治正确,而不再跟随耶稣。从此以后,在我们教会围绕着今后属灵的方向问题的纷争就一直不断,并且越来越激烈。最后我们教会的大多数成员在2019年2月17日投票表决通过要脱离 ELCA,并且加入真正属灵的信义会 Lutheran Congregation in Mission for Christ, LCMC。目前,我们教会已经回到了正常的属灵发展的道路上,牢牢的依靠圣经的真理来增长教会。当然,不可避免的教会在神学问题上的冲突一定会伤害教会。目前在我们教会负责的王牧师和Swift牧师是自从1938年以来的第14和15位牧师。两位牧师坚信当年的信义会的事工改变了欧洲来的和中西部来的移民,造就了信义会的中产阶级基督徒群体,如今信义会的事工同样可以改变和造就从亚洲过来的移民成为我们教会大家庭的成员。我们教会探索型的事工就是要让第一代移民能够融入到英文教会中来。

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A fully digital organ is featured with the worship.

“Trust the Lord with all your heart, and do not rely on your own understanding.”

— Proverbs 3:5