Seminars on Depression and Emotion Control

Greg Swift

Mental Health Therapist & Pastoral Associate at LCC.

Seminars on Depression and Emotion Control

Lutheran Church of the Cross (LCC) in Arcadia is dedicated to serve this community by exploring some of the people's needs and deal with them as much as possible. We have the first two areas of need identified and listed below:

1. How to Cope with Depression:  Many people are suffering from depression even without knowing it.

– Do you shut down and withdraw from others
– Do you feel frustrated because you get so overwhelmed
– Do feel so alone and isolated from others

This is treatable and can be managed with support. We are here to help.

2. Anger Control and Management:  Many people cannot control their emotions causing serious problems for themselves and others.

– Do you find yourself irritated and short with people
– Do you find yourself yelling or shouting at people
– Do you find that you have little patience with other people

Lives are ruined by out of control emotions. Help is available to rectify the problem and save relationships. You are invited to participate in these special seminars on these areas provided we have at least 15 people on each topic are interested. When we have enough interested, we would notify you on the date, place and time of the seminar. Seminars will be led by Gregory Swift Pastoral Associate and Licensed Marriage Family Therapist (LMFT).

If interested, please leave your name (please print), your address, contact phone number and email and someone from the church will contact you. Thank you for your desire to improve the quality of your life.

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